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Surigao del Sur!

By September 06, 2011 ,

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Philippines is truly a country of beauty and undiscovered paradise and its secluded provinces are home to several resorts and spectacular beaches. One of these secluded provinces is my home province--Surigao del sur.

Endowed with natural wonders of exotic and pristine beaches, untouched shorelines, thick vegetation, lush forests, streams, valleys, rivers and waterfalls, Surigao del Sur is an exciting destination for people who love to indulge in an extravagant nature excursion.

Earning a monicker of being the Shangri-La of Southern Philippines, Surigao del sur provides a unique haven of relaxation, artists will surely love its picturesque surroundings and tranquil sceneries.

I practically grew up in a quiet village nestled by mountains and beaches. Back then, my favourite afternoon ritual was to go to the beach when low tide and stroll around the area with my youngest brother and picked seashells or built a sand castle, then running off with waves with my friends at high tide.

Sea turned harsh during stormy weather but we loved it because we enjoyed watching the gigantic waves wobbling along and reaching up to eight feet high. At Christmastime back in my grade school years, after carolling in the neighbourhood on the early morning of December 25, we would sit in the beach eating the "kakanin" we received from carolling, watching the calm sea while waiting for the sunrise to greet the earth.

Strategically located in the outskirt of Mindanao peninsula, Surigao del sur, which is composed only of 19 municipalities, is facing the Pacific Ocean, thus gifted with lovely beaches and romantic coastlines. The cool afternoon breeze and the fascinating surroundings at sunrise offer a magnificent feeling of being so relax. The tourism of Surigao del sur is still waiting to be developed so most of its mountain and beach resorts are located in rough and bumpy areas.

The crystal water and sugary shorelines of Cagwait White Beach Resort. Often compared to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, USA. 

But despite its less-developed tourist destinations, the province offers several terrific spots to visit. The Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Enchanted River in Hinatuan, White Beach in Cagwait, Blue Lagoon in Cantilan are just some of the magnificent tourist spots waiting to be explored. I lived in a town almost covered with seaside and mountains so I know how beautiful it is to live in a quiet and laid-back environment. 

The gorgeous white sand with lined coconut trees at Cagwait White Beach
...Crystal green water with Talisay trees

Though I lived near the shoreline of Marihatag, my favourite beach however is the Cagwait White Beach Resort, just 35 minutes from our place. When I was still in high school, I often heard people comparing it to Waikiki Beach resort in Hawaii, USA with reasons I could not understand since I grew up around the beach so I couldn't spot a difference or the grandeur they were talking about.
Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig
Marihatag Tree Park Beach Resort

Cagwait Beach resort is where the "Kaliguan Festival" of Surigao del sur is held every June. It is truly a fascinating beach, well I just appreciated its beauty when I lived in the city hehehe because I rarely go to the beach.

Beautifully surrounded by Talisay and coconut trees, this resort has a long coast line which provides enough time for travellers to roam around the seaside and explore the beauty of nature. The resort is just a 10 minute ride from the national road of Cagwait. 

For people who may want to visit this resort, you can catch up a bus ride for Tandag and just drop by at the municipality of Cagwait and from there you can take a pedicab ride all the way to the resort. Cottages are very affordable. Travelling to Surigao del sur is a bit tiring because of a long hour drive (about 8 hours from Davao) but because the area is shrouded with thick vegetations, coconut trees, green sceneries and rivers, the journey is a thrilling adventure and if you are into photography, my home province is surely a perfect choice for your creativity.

More pictures of Surigao landscapes and beaches when I return home this Christmas holiday.


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