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Dreamy Vacation at Maldives!

By November 10, 2012 ,

Let's have a dreamy escape to the breathtaking island of Maldives!


A good holiday break is what I need right now :-D

With all the muddles, upheavals of everyday life in the city and the never-ending worries of what's-coming-ahead, the best thing to do now is to hop in to a secluded island to de-stress. Though Philippines has some of the best beach destinations in the world, dreaming to be in a foreign beach is not a bad idea. Beach scenery is very relaxing, the sugary sand, the gentle splashing of the waves at night, the soothing breeze coming from the ocean and the warmth of the morning sunshine are just so terrific.

Going to Europe or the Caribbean (even if that's what I always wanted) might not be possible at the moment, so why not take another alternative nearer to home? Maldives sounds ideal though travelling there would still cost a large chunk of my saving, but it's within the continent of Asia so the idea is pretty ideal.

Some of the best holiday getaways in the world I often fantasized are Tuscany in Italy, Cornwall and Costwold in England, St.Kilda in Scotland, Klosters in Switzerland, French Polynesia in the South Pacific, Mustique in the Caribbean and Mykonos and Santorini in Greece. But the expenses and cost of travelling to these places are equivalent to my lifetime savings, so an Asian getaway is a perfect alternative, other than closer to home, Asian countries also have equally terrific holiday destinations.
Maldives has several world-class and romantic beach resorts
Maldives is a small island nation located off the tip of India facing the Indian Ocean, it is an archipelago composed of several atolls literally floating by the sea with romantic and secluded beaches sprawled across its 1,190 islands. It has cobalt blue water, sugary sand, sun-kissed shorelines and lush tropical trees that would surely bring delight to tourists.

Based on online articles and testimonies of travellers I'd read, Maldives offers the best holiday experience among Asian destinations, its beach resorts are rated world-class with choices ranging from water-bungalows, beach villas, garden suites and ocean villas for an ultimate private relaxation, the surrounding is so calm and quiet. It will provide a gratifying retreat.

For Asians, going to Maldives is easy (granting you have the money :-D), there are direct flights from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka to Male, the capitcal city of Maldives. The resorts are just 5 kilometers from the airport. For International travellers, there are regular flights coming from the Middle East, USA and Europe.

 Paradise Island Resort in Maldives surrounded by sparking aquamarine water with palm trees and lagoon. This is one of the most affordable resorts in Maldives, single accommodation for two nights, breakfast inclusive is US$458 (this rate is for 2013 May schedule)

Paradise Island Resort is located on the eastern edge of North Atoll in Male sets in a massive reef enclosed lagoon. Transfer from speed boat from Male airport is 20 minutes.

For Filipinos who are looking for a cheap travel package to Maldives, resort booking picks from P20,000 per person for a two-night stay in a four star hotel/resort (excluding the plane ticket), this is the cheapest rate you could ever get in Maldives (which is quite expensive for Filipinos who are just earning an average income, so a travel to Maldives needs a whole year preparation).

Entering Maldives:

Maldives offers visitors a 30-day free visa upon arrival, however each person is required to have at least US$30.00 per day on his or her own possession to be allowed to enter the country. Other requirements include a valid return air ticket and proof of booking to a hotel or resort. 

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