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Exploring Nature!

By October 04, 2014

Those who are following my travel site and even my personal blog, know that I am quite devoted to nature and love to embark into a lengthy road trip to cool down in a  countryside.

It’s my way of living life to the fullest. Nature tripping is such a wonderful respite, it's a good relief from the sordid life in the city. To rest under the soothing shade of nature is a perfect escape. 

But although I am captivated with the idea of exploring undiscovered terrains and visiting hinterlands, I still don’t have a nerve to go overboard with extreme adventure like taking a daredevil act of climbing rugged mountains, go zip line or take part in a never-wrecking sky walk, it scares me to death, heights knock me off.

I'm still finding enough time to have a weekend nature trip with friends, for the mean time, I am walking-down-memory-lane and revisit my most memorable travel exploits in the countryside and in a place with abundant elements of nature.

Here are some:


The natural gem of my home town! This is often called the Philippine version of the much romanticized splendor of Niagara Falls. Located in the rainforest of Borboanan, Bislig City in Surigao del Sur, Tinuy-An falls offers a breathtaking scenery of nature. But unlike Niagara Falls where the three tiers of waterfalls are horizontally wedged with each other, the layers of Tinuy-an Falls are vertically clustered in a separate water basin at the foot of the hillocks. Another distinction that sets apart from Niagara, Tinuy-an's four layers can be visited at close range. Visitors can even sit at the base of the water curtain on the first and second layers.

The highest layer of Tinuy-an Falls with a 
recorded water drop of 180 feet. We came closer to this
cluster and the effect of the water drop in our body felt like a massage!
Extremely relaxing!! We trekked the hill to reach this location
and rested for about 40 minutes. We enjoyed the running streams
of the water and being soaked to its current was such a lovely experience! Love to go back there some other time

When I visited this stunning countryside wonder with some university colleagues three years ago, I was so amazed and in great awe with the spectacular beauty of the waterfalls. Even if this is closer to my home town, I had never visited this in the past. The view was so entrancing and impossible not to be lured to soak under its roaring water drop.

This is the first cluster of the water falls and located on top
of the mountain, what a rugged adventure I made!
I was able to dish out my "fear in heights" for this trip
because I really wanted to see what's on the upper part of the 
waterfalls. This area has the best backdrop of the falls, the running water appeared almost like snow flakes and visitors can rest at the foot of the rock formation and enjoy the rapid current.

We came closer at each layer and had a thrilling experience of being immersed into the water drop which felt like a soothing back massage, so relieving! According to its topographic record, the water drop of the highest tier of the waterfalls measured 180 feet.

When you come to visit Tinuy-an Falls you will experience this oh-so-relieving feeling of being in a magnificent place of comfort and serenity, as if the environment is so young and innocent, as if the'res everlasting peace, a place  where you would see and feel nothing but beauty and tranquility.


I am a certified nature lover and my definition of a quality life is a regular sojourn to the countryside where I could relax, feel the freshness of the environment, smell the sweet scent of flowers and bathe my senses with serenity.
At Bag of Beans! So relaxing
Dining at Bag of Beans is always fantastic

I always love Tagaytay due to its cool weather and terrific vistas and when thinking of dining in a tranquil environment under the unruffled shade of nature there’s no other place to consider other than Bag of Beans, it’s simply inspiring and liberating!

Bag of Beans is a wonderful weekend escape because of its natural setting under tropical trees and calm atmosphere. Its very oriental embellishment added comfort, it makes the whole dining experience very relieving.  Foods are scrumptious and ultra-delectable!

However, my wish to visit Sonya’s Garden at Buck Estate in Tagaytay remains a pipedream, still wasn’t able to visit the place despite many attempts due to several hindrances: rain, distance, scarcity of transportation. I am hoping one of these days I can realize this long-standing wish.


One of my best travel experiences in Hongkong was visiting Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowlon. These attractions were on top of my priority list when I drafted an itinerary for our Hongkong and Macau trip last June 2013.

Scenic view of Nan Lian Garden
At the red pavilion inside Nan Lian Garden

It befits my appetite of nature tripping in the city. Nan Lian is a classical Chinese garden artistically built under Tang-Dynasty style. It’s a massive landscape of Chinese plants, cobbled pathways, running water, hillocks, flowers, herbs and beautiful garden. There’s an oriental-inspired pavilion built in the middle of the pond where visitors can take souvenir photos outside the complex, there’s also a vegetarian restaurant within the area.
Lotus Garden at the upper part of Nan Lian Garden on the way to Chi Lin Nunnery. An area where visitors can see the panoramic skyline of Kowloon. But during day time when the sun is at its harshest this area is not conducive for strolling because the heat of the sun will truly roast your skin. We visited Nan Lian at 10:00 am and I scrambled to find a shade to cover my skin from the sweltering heat of the summer sun

But due to severe summer temperature in Hongkong I did not fully enjoy the scenery. It was intensely hot and the pricking of the summer heat on my skin was horrible. Wish to go back there when political tension is over. The most ideal time to visit Nan Lian is in the afternoon when the ray of the sun is no longer prickly. My only disappointment with this Hongkong travel was my failure to visit Ngong Ping in Lantau Island, another scenic place, and well should I say, Disneyland?

Traveling is a perfect diversion! It reactivates tired senses. Hope to take another countryside travel in the months to come. My wish is to take a quick trip to the other side of Luzon - Albay, Camarines Sur, La Union, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. I am also hoping to revisit Batangas, either at the Golden Sunset resort or The Farm. 

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