New England Region during Autumn

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It’s been a while since my last travel blog entry. I could not think of anything good to write, even travel features. There’s nothing awful had befell in my life for the past 100 days, but it came to a point where I looked at myself totally in a mess. The feeling of inadequacies and desolation exacerbated the despair I felt which thoroughly affected my appetite in blogging. But I am finding ways to bounce from this dark ordeal and thinking life on the road seems to be the easiest recourse.

Exploring the wonders of the universe even by just scanning the colorful pages of a travel book or magazine is a great diversion from anxiety and torment. So I scanned several pages of my old books and magazines to divert my focus and ease the feeling of failure and undesirability that warped my whole system for the past months.

Until I stumbled on the section of a travel magazine called “Travel your way to healing”. For a passionate travel blogger like me this is completely stupid because I don’t usually need gooey articles to revive my keenness in writing and definitely, slushy sentiments don’t normally drive me to escape somewhere. But at this trying time of my life, I know this is all what I needed to restore my self-confidence. 

Travel your way to healing reminded me of Kris Aquino's trip to Boston, Massachusetts in 2010 where she brought her two sons to visit her childhood home at a time when her soul needed a boost. I read the magazine pensively and felt delighted seeing old family pictures of Kris.

Boston, Massachusetts during Autumn

Lakeside in Vermont during Autumn

I am not doing the same moment of contemplation because my childhood home is in Surigao del sur, hundreds of miles away from Manila, but I found satisfaction in Kris's journey to her childhood home in Boston, such a beautiful place. Then I saw her picture with her sisters and parents taken in Maine one Autumn season. 

Oh I love Autumn, although I have not experience it yet, I dreamed to be in a place where Fall season is possible and where the most romantic foliage can be seen, where else but in the New England region in the United States!

Breathtaking autumn foliage in Stratton, Maine

New England, which is composed of Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island, is famous for having the most amazing landscape during Autumn and since August is already here, Fall in many parts of the globe is just around the corner. 

Someday, I hope I can make things happen and can fulfill this travel dream.

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