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South Korea or Japan Travel?

By February 18, 2018

It's been three years since my last out-of-the country travel and I'm longing to have another one this year. Hopefully. Plans have been in the table though.

Together with my former colleagues in the university we are planning for a South Korean trip this autumn. I always believe that autumn or fall is the most romantic season of the year. And the most calm. The environment turns colorful due to brilliant foliage when autumn season comes and I often associate this to romance, and for someone like me who hasn't into a relationship ever since, these wonders in the environment brought delight to my senses.

However, Korea wasn't my original choice. It was Japan. Because the countryside of Japan (my favorite is Kyoto) is so awesome during autumn season. Magnificent. Magical. Breathtaking. But my friends chose South Korea because it's less expensive. So I conformed.

South Korea offers a dazzling experience of wonders and amazement to travelers. It's the country of great contrasts. Ultra modern but retains its spectacular landscape in the countryside. With its thriving economy and beautiful infrastructure, the country assures visitors with comfort.

Korea is very popular in the Philippines due to the K-pop wave and the rise of Korean nobela in Philippine television where almost all Filipinos are enamoured to Korean celebrities. This fascination towards the K-pop culture has extended to Korean products. Korean brands have also invaded the cosmetics industry in the Philippines. 

No wonder my colleagues chose a South Korean travel than a Japan trip. So the plan is finalized and our Korean travel is set this September in time for the autumn season. I'm yet to create a travel itinerary plan, I'm still searching for the best spots to visit in South Korea. 

I've learned also that for Philippine passport holders, Korean visa is free as long as the visit won't go beyond 59 days.  We're planning to visit this beautiful nation for five days only. 

However, I'm still longing for a Japan getaway. Though this Asian country is so amazing during spring season due to cherry blossoms, I still prefer an autumn travel to the land of the rising sun. Perhaps, in the years to come. Keeping my finger cross. Kyoto and Osaka are my favorites. These places offer the best of Japan travel experience according to some accounts from other travelers. Osaka is home to the best authentic Japanese cuisine, while Kyoto amazes visitors with its scenic landscape, age-old tradition, cultural wonder and magnificent countryside scenery, especially during autumn when trees turned brighter and poetic. 

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