About This Site

The world is never short of enchanting scenery! 
From the natural backdrop of gorgeous mountains, rolling hills and breezy regions to the allures of pristine lakes, stunning beaches and sun-kissed shorelines. The thrill of adventure has never been so captivating under the vibrant atmosphere of the mother earth.


Welcome to My Travel Adventure!

This site is not solely about my travel exploits, it also features other spectacular holiday destinations in the world and places I've long been dreaming to visit.

The dreamed destinations I featured here are based in my research and readings on the world's best holiday getaways as suggested by different travel sites, magazines and books.

This site also features the stunning landmarks and natural wonders in the United States based on the evocative photos I borrowed from my friend, Arman Esmas, who is so kind enough to give me permission to publish it here.

My purpose of creating this blog is to share my travel experiences and discoveries to the readers and hopefully provides useful tips and information where to spend their next holiday adventure.

I always love traveling because of the fulfillment it offers. Exploring other places, discovering culture and history, marveling  at the unique landmarks are always fun, it offers new avenues of learning.

I am a nature lover and my definition of a quality life is a regular sojourn to the countryside and beaches and feel the stillness of the mother earth.

Traveling  is such a welcome respite and a good breather from the sordid life in the city. It is a perfect sanctuary for tired body and mind, it helps relieve tension and anxiety.

One of my goals in life is to travel and explore many places each year and publish a book about this discovery, hope to realize this goal with a travel buddy, someone who has the same traveling appetite just like me :-D

Special thanks for my friend, Jeffrey Queaño, for providing great photos on our latest food trips.

Should you have questions about this site, contact me by sending an email using the form at "send me a message" page. Thank you!!

                                    Joyce Lamela